Effective Learning Module 1

Over 200 students signed up to take ELM 1 (Effective Learning Module 1) and are working Unit 1. In Unit 1, the students think about what their goals are. What is the target situation and what skills might be useful to develop for these situations?

Follow-up SALC orientations

We have now completed the SALC orientations for all KUIS freshman students and are grateful to Freshman ELI teachers for their support during this important time for us.

Apart from the orientation, SALC use is entirely optional, but of course we would like to encourage all KUIS students to take advantage of the opportunities. If you would like members of the SALC team to help you to promote the SALC to your students, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a freshman teacher and would like a follow-up session tailored to your class, feel free to contact the learning advisor who did the first orientation. If you do not teach a freshman class, please contact Yuki Hasegawa (hasegawa-y@kanda.kuis.ac.jp) to discuss how we can help your students, for example:

  • A short tour of the SALC
  • A detailed look at sections of the SALC relevant to your students
  • A classroom-based workshop on materials and/or strategies (we can help you identify what might be useful for your students)
  • An “explore the SALC” activity

We are looking forward to working with you and your students this year. 

Deadline for Effective Learning Module 1

Today (7th May) at 5pm is the deadline for students to register ELM1 (Effective Learning Module 1). ELM1 helps students to become good independent language learners. The Module covers topics such as ‘Resources’, ‘Learning Strategies’ and ‘Making a Learning Plan’. Students create their own learning plans and implement the plan with the help of their learning advisors.  Students can earn up to 10 extra points for their freshman English grades. 

More details here: http://elisalc.org/modules/elm1/