Summer in the SALC

If your students are asking for study ideas for summer, here are some ways that the SALC can help. Feel free to cut and paste this information in an email to your students. We will also post it on our Facebook page.

How can the SALC help you this summer?

1. Advising service (available until Monday 28th)

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Publications Related to Ongoing Curriculum Work

The SALC has been evaluating and redeveloping its curriculum since 2011 and at each stage, the ‘research in progress’ has been published and shared as an installment in a SiSAL Journal column. The column, which is edited by Katherine Thornton (a former KUIS learning advisor and academic coordinator), showcases one institution’s engagement with self-access learning in depth over several issues. Work related to the SALC curriculum at KUIS has been featured in the column for the past 5 issues and now concludes. However, the curriculum work continues as Elizabeth Lammons (the current Curriculum Coordinator) explains in the final installment. Continue reading

CSK Poster Presentations on Globalization of Products

Four sophomore CSK English classes (Chinese, Spanish and Korean majors) are presenting their end of semester projects in the SALC instead of the classroom this year as a trial. The students share research they have done in relation to the globalization of products. Each group has focussed on different products and SALC visitors have dropped by to learn more. There is one more poster presentation session scheduled for Monday July 21st from 3.10pm. Everyone is welcome. Many thanks to their teacher Krista Owen for approaching us with the idea.


Wafuku Party 2014

On Wednesday 16th July, the SAC and ELI hosted this year’s “Wafuku Party” which is an annual event and very popular with students and teachers. It was wonderful to see so many people dressed in traditional summer yukata and jumbei. Congratulations to the SALC Student Committee for once again organising a lovely summer event. Continue reading

Learning Advisor Positions Available, April 2015

The Self-Access Learning Centre at of Kanda University of International Studies has openings for learning advisors. These positions are at the “lecturer” level and are for a two-year period commencing April 2015. There may be an option to renew the two-year contract for a further two years.

For best consideration, applications should be received by: September 10th, 2014.

  • Further details of the position (PDF)
  • Application form: (PDF / Word)

SiSAL Journal

coverpageJune2014smallStudies in Self-Access Learning Journal is a peer review, online, open access journal published by Kanda University of International Studies. The latest issue features articles by colleagues based in Japan, China, Turkey and New Zealand. The deadline for submissions for the September issue is July 31st.

On July 9th the editor and associate editor gave a workshop on preparing your manuscript for submission to a journal. The slides can be accessed here. We are also looking for people to join our editorial team. Talk to Rob or Jo if you are interested.