Building Learning Communities

One of the aims of the aims of the SALC is to create a learning community at KUIS. Within the broader learning community, there are numerous small groups who regularly come together to learn, socialise and enjoy using English in the ELI and SALC space. Many groups are well established and meet at regular times, for example:

  • The SALC Student Committee (SSC)
  • The SALC student staff (known as “SALCers”)
  • The Conversation Club (meets weekly on Friday lunchtimes)

group studyMany groups form organically and shift focus as membership changes over time. The groups often use the ELI and SALC space naturally and do not need any special attention from us. Many students would like to be part of a community, but may initially be afraid to come to the ELI / SALC and we can support these students by initially proactively forming some learning communities. Hopefully, many of these groups can eventually become self-sustaining without much support from us. Some recent events aimed at developing learning communities are:

  • The IELTS speaking community (meets weekly on Thursday lunchtimes)
  • Study Abroad gathering (the first in a series of events was held last month)
  • Module takers informal gatherings

The following events are planned for this semester:

  • Friday tea time (to be held on the last Friday of each month from 4-5pm at the yellow sofas)
  • Book discussion (Monday June 8th at lunchtime at the yellow sofas)

Please check our Facebook page for details. Staff, teachers and students are all welcome to attend!

KUIS Event: Global Day

Global DaySALC learning advisors Kie Yamamoto and Neil Curry participated in the Global Day event held at KUIS on May 16. While the majority of attendees had not decided their destination or their study focus yet, the presentation covered how to create a vision of studying abroad by encouraging students to imagine their overseas experiences as well as their “future-self” in detail. It also introduced how the SALC supports students with study a broad preparation such as IELTS study groups, workshops, the conversation club, and student gatherings. Slides can be viewed here:

Students are encouraged to make use of the SALC as they start to think about studying abroad and talk to a learning advisor. They can make reservations here:

Modules: Update

We are delighted that many students are taking the SALC modules and courses. The modules are optional and are not for any kind of credit. 193 students signed up for Effective learning Module 1 (ELM 1), and 51 students signed up for Effective learning Module 2 (ELM 2). Learning advisors are working closely with those students as they develop study plans and develop their autonomous learning skills. Around half of the ELM 1 students decided to take the module via the app that has been especially designed for us. The implementation of the app is an ongoing action research project.

goal settingcompanion website

Sad news

Candlin_picIt is with great sadness that I announce that Professor Chris Candlin passed away peacefully surrounded by his family in Australia on Sunday 10th May 2015. Chris contributed so much to the fields of applied linguistics and professional communication, and was an inspiring and energetic friend and colleague. We greatly valued his frequent visits to Kanda University of International Studies and all of us benefited from his encouragement, wisdom and enthusiasm. He certainly helped us to shape the SALC we have today through assisting us with our ongoing research. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.
Jo Mynard (
SALC Director)