SALC通信: 今さら聞けないSALCの取り組み / About the SALC Philosophy


July 2015 Bulletin: SALC philosophy

small salc picThis bulletin addresses the following questions:

  • What does the SALC aim to do? What is its mission?
  • What are our main aims?
  • How do we achieve those aims?
  • What are our key principles?
  • What is the relationship between the ELI and the SALC?

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‘Wafuku Day’ 2015

Congratulations to all the students who organised a successful ‘Wafuku Day’ last week. Hundreds of students and staff members came to the SALC wearing traditional Japanese summer attire and participated in the activities organised by the SALC Student Committee (SSC) and the SALC student staff members.

wafuku2 wafuku1 SSC

Presentation at the 45th Chubu English Language Education Society (CELES) Conference, Wakayama

Learning Advisor Atsumi Yamaguchi presented a progress report of a three-year group project exploring English language instructions suitable for the EFL context in Japan, at the 45th Chubu English Language Education Society (CELES) Conference at Wakayama University from 27th to 28h June 2015. Her presentation, entitled A case study of Japanese learners on their English language learning tendencies toward input, practice, and production, argued the importance of form-focused practice activities especially in the EFL context, in that such activities may eventually enable learners to produce target forms in meaning-focused interactions. She welcomes any enquiries about her research and can be reached at

chubu presentation image

Student Activities in the SALC

IMG_2277Our SALC student staff have been busy planning activities that aim to attract SALC visitors and engage students in interacting with others and feeling part of the community. One initiative is the ‘Tanabata Tree’. This is a clever twist on the trees that you often see around Japan this time of year as you are prompted to not only make a wish in English, but also to reply to someone else’s wish.

On Wednesday 8th July, we will be holding a summer party and everyone is invited to come along. If you like, you can come wearing yukata or jimbei. Students have organised a series of activities for the day. Wafuku Party 2015 flyer