August 2015 Bulletin: SALC Materials and Support for Learners


Bulletin 3: August 2015. SALC Materials and Support for Learners

Students come to the SALC for different reasons. For example, some students just want to be part of the community and be in an English speaking environment. Other students have specific language goals, for example to improve their TOEFL score or work on their listening skills. Others come to watch movies, listen to music or read magazines just for enjoyment. Others use it as a place to do their homework. Of course, students are welcome to do all of these things in the SALC, but this blog post focuses on ways in which we support learners who have specific language learning goals. We’ll show examples by thinking about two of our regular SALC users (their names have been changed). Continue reading


Learning Advisor Position Available in Nagoya, April 2016

The Self-Access Learning Centre ‘M-SALC’ at Meijo University, Nagoya has openings for one learning advisor (LA) to join a newly formed team. This position is at the lecturer level and is for a two-year period commencing April 2016. For full details, please see the attached documents. Recruitment is being managed by the English Language Consultancy Centre (ELCC) at Kanda University of International Studies. Feel free to circulate this opportunity to your contacts.

Start date: April 1st, 2016

Application deadline: September 18th, 2015

Qualifications: A Master’s degree in applied linguistics, TESOL or closely related field

Meijo ad

Position details

application form

Application form

Guest lecture by Adelia Peña Clavel, Tuesday 17th November

Tuesday 17th November, lunchtime lecture (12.15 – 1.00), Room 4-303

It is our pleasure to welcome María de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel, an associate professor in the Foreign Language Teaching Center (CELE) at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to KUIS in November. Adelia will be based in the SALC on both Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November sharing insights from her extensive experience in self-access and advising. She has also kindly agreed to give a lunchtime talk about the Mediateca at her institution. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Mediateca: 20 years of self-access and self-directed learning in UNAM

The Mediateca, founded in 1995, is a self-access centre at the Foreign Language Teaching Centre (CELE) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has been considered a model to setting up other SACs at UNAM and in Mexico. This lecture aims to give an overview of the Mediateca from the beginning to the present day. Continue reading

Guest presentation by Kay Irie and Stephen Ryan, October 16th

Rescheduled to: Friday October 16th, 4.30 – 6.00pm, Presentation Room (Building 6)

We are delighted to announce that two local experts in psychology in language learning Kay Irie and Stephen Ryan have agreed to visit KUIS and give a talk aimed at KUIS teachers. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Psychology in language learning: New directions in theory, research and practice

This 90-minute presentation and discussion session is aimed at any KUIS teachers who are interested in the psychological dimension to language learning. The first part of the session will offer a broad theoretical overview identifying key changes in thinking about psychology in language learning. The second part will have a much more practical focus, demonstrating an innovative approach to research—Q methodology—and considering possible classroom applications. Continue reading

Summer Vacation

Thanks for all your support for SALC activities this semester. The SALC will be closed from 7-20th August along with the rest of the university. We wish everyone a pleasant and well earned rest!