SALC & ELI Halloween Party

This year’s Halloween Party was a great success! Have a look at the photos posted on Facebook by the SALC Student Committee (SSC).



KUIS students feature on Polyglots blog

Earlier this month, three KUIS students (Aoi, Shinya and Chiaki) 875634_17acbb9baf6248a68cdec601e19b8f94.jpg_srb_p_629_420_75_22_0.50_1.20_0and their teacher Satoko Watkins (who is also a SALC learning advisor) were interviewed about a class project they did about the Polyglots reading app. You can read the interview (in Japanese) here.

October 2015 Bulletin: Learning Communities


Bulletin 5: October 2015. Learning Communities

What are learning communities?

Research shows us that people learn better when they have the support from others and this is particularly true of language learners. Learning a language is a social process and one of the functions of the SALC is to provide the environment for social interaction and language learning to occur. Many groups or ‘learning communities’ form organically and shift focus as membership changes over time. These groups of students often use the ELI and SALC space naturally and do not need any special attention from us. However, many students would like to be part of a community, but may initially be afraid to come to the ELI / SALC and we can support these students by initially proactively forming some learning communities. Hopefully, many of these groups can eventually become self-sustaining without much support from us. Continue reading

Guest presentation: Follow up

We would like to extend a big thank you to our guest presenters Kay Irie and Stephen Ryan who visited KUIS last week to give a presentation on Psychology in language learning: New directions in theory, research and practice.

As a follow up, you might be interested in taking a look at the following resources.

Students interviewed by Polygots

Three KUIS students recently created discovered the reading app ‘Mondo‘ and decided to include it in a class project designed to recommend resources and learning strategies to their peers. Polyglots, the Japanese company who designed Mondo, were so impressed with the students’ work that they visited the SALC this week to meet the students and interview them for the company blog. You can pick up the leaflet that the students designed in the SALC.polyglots