Visit by María de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel

AdeliaWe were delighted to invite Adelia Peña to visit us in the SALC this month. Adelia is an associate professor in the Foreign Language Teaching Center (CELE) at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She gave two excellent presentations; the first was for learning advisors and the topic was teletandem, and the second was for the general faculty and was about several innovations and programmes at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She also kindly met with individual learning advisors to discuss their personal areas of interest related to advisor training and research. Adelia truly inspired us all and we hope that we can remain in contact and develop stronger links between our two institutions in the coming years.


Call for Winter Workshops

At the beginning of every winter break (at the end of January) the SALC offers some workshops in order to encourage learners to use think about their English over the break and to continue to use the SALC and the materials in it. The workshops are run by ELI teachers and SALC learning advisors. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, read on.  Continue reading

November 2015 Bulletin: Student involvement in the SALC


Bulletin 6: November 2015. Student involvement in the SALC

One of our principles has always been that students should be involved in running the SALC. The benefits of involving students in this way include the following:

  • Students can help us to make decisions as representatives of the university
  • Students are role models for other students
  • Students have the opportunity to develop real work skills in an international working environment, for example, using English at work
  • Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • Students help us to promote the SALC for other students

In this bulletin we will look at two student groups that are crucial to the success of the SALC and their roles and activities; the SALC student staff ‘SALCers’ and the SALC Student Committee ‘SSC’.


SALC Student Staff ‘SALCers’ Continue reading

New Book on Advising by Satoko Kato and Jo Mynard


Reflective Dialogue: Advising in Language Learning by Satoko Kato and Jo Mynard.

©2015, Routledge New York
338 pages

Reflective Dialogue presents professional educators with the necessary background and skills to engage in reflective dialogue with language learners effectively. It draws on work in the fields of advising in language learning, reflective practice, sociocultural theory, language learner autonomy, counseling, and life coaching to provide both an introduction to the field and guidance for researching advising in action. The book also includes a wide variety of practical ideas and over 30 sample dialogues that offer clear demonstrations of the concepts discussed in practice. This dynamic textbook’s practical approach illustrates how reflective dialogue can promote language learner autonomy and how language advising can be implemented successfully both inside and outside the classroom.


1. From Research to Implications: Introducing Advising
– Basic advising strategies
– Advising tools
2. From Implications to Application: Advising in Practice
3. From Application to Implementation: Advising in Context
4. From Implementation to Research: Researching advising