New Book on Advising by Satoko Kato and Jo Mynard


Reflective Dialogue: Advising in Language Learning by Satoko Kato and Jo Mynard.

©2015, Routledge New York
338 pages

Reflective Dialogue presents professional educators with the necessary background and skills to engage in reflective dialogue with language learners effectively. It draws on work in the fields of advising in language learning, reflective practice, sociocultural theory, language learner autonomy, counseling, and life coaching to provide both an introduction to the field and guidance for researching advising in action. The book also includes a wide variety of practical ideas and over 30 sample dialogues that offer clear demonstrations of the concepts discussed in practice. This dynamic textbook’s practical approach illustrates how reflective dialogue can promote language learner autonomy and how language advising can be implemented successfully both inside and outside the classroom.


1. From Research to Implications: Introducing Advising
– Basic advising strategies
– Advising tools
2. From Implications to Application: Advising in Practice
3. From Application to Implementation: Advising in Context
4. From Implementation to Research: Researching advising