Call for SALC workshops

Every semester the SALC offers a series of workshops in order to encourage learners to use the SALC and the materials in it. These workshops are run by ELI teachers and SALC learning advisors during weekday lunchtimes or during period 5.

Remuneration for running a one-off workshop is 10,000 yen a time. The workshops are aimed at fostering learner autonomy and self-directed learning skills, encouraging the use of learning strategies, teaching learners how to use the SALC better, and, ideally, promoting some of the materials we have in the SALC. We also run some more content based workshops, with themes that appeal to our student body, and may provide them with new interesting avenues for experiencing English. You can see some of the recent workshops on the “Let’s Study English” website under “past workshops” (

Our research shows that students have a preference for workshops with clear/specific outcomes. The following themes have been requested by students and / or have proved popular in the past (and could incorporate accessing some materials from various sections of the SALC):

  • Workshops related to academic skills for self-study (shadowing, dictation, speed-reading, presentation skills, time management..)
  • Workshops related to useful materials for self-study (newspapers, TED, Graded Readers, CNN/BBC, movies, music..)
  • Workshops related to studying abroad (culture, home stay, life in other countries..)
  • Workshops related to business/ internships for beginners (business English, business etiquette, business e-mail..)
  • Workshops related to pronunciation
  • IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC preparation

We would appreciate suggestions from your students too if there is an appropriate time to ask them during one of your classes. Please e-mail their ideas to SALC Assistant manager Yoko Ohno ( who coordinates the workshops

If you are interested in running a workshop this semester, please complete this online proposal form by Friday May 6th (or sooner if you are willing to offer a workshop in May).


SALC Orientations

Welcome to the new academic year! This will be our last one in the current SALC and we are working towards the move to the new Building 8 next April. We will be trying a few new things out this year in preparation. One of them is a new approach to the SALC orientations for freshman. The new approach is more self-directed and encourages students to explore the SALC through exploratory interactive activities that have been put together in a series of four iBooks. These iBooks can be introduced to students during the first semester. Paper printed versions are also available on request.

SALC info



Download the information booklet for teachers here.


View (and try out!) the iBooks in one of the following ways:

  1. Enroll on our iTunesU course (accessible via iPad / iPhone) – updated link
  2. Access them from DropBox (iBooks accessible only via iPad/iPhone)

Alternatively, send an email to the SALC ( or your learning advisor and we can send them to you as email attachments.

In addition to having students work through the ibooks at their own pace, learning advisors would like to do short introductory sessions with each class to start them off (and check in with them as they go along). We will be in touch shortly to work out the most convenient approach for your students and schedule the introductory session.