SiSAL Journal 7(2) published

mini.jpgStudies in Self-Access Learning Journal is an international, quarterly, peer review publication for professionals interested in self-access learning. The latest issue was a special issue on Virtual and other learning spaces and was edited by Curtis Edlin and Jo Mynard. Curtis Edlin is a KUIS learning advisor in his 2nd year and author of the paper Informed Eclecticism in the Design of Self-Access Language Learning Environments which draws on different fields in also to suggest some design principles for self-access facilities.

The journal is open access and available here:

Call for SALC Summer Workshops

Every summer after semester 1 classes end the SALC offers 4-5 workshops in order to encourage learners to continue to use the SALC and think about studying English during the break. This year, these workshops will run from 1st – 5th August.

Remuneration for running a one-off workshop is 10,000 yen a time. The workshops are aimed at fostering learner autonomy and self-directed learning skills, encouraging the use of learning strategies, teaching learners how to use the SALC better, promoting some of the materials we have in the SALC, and managing study during the break. You can see some of the recent workshops on the “Let’s Study English” website under “past workshops” (

If you are interested in running a workshop in the summer, please complete this online proposal form by July 1st (or sooner if possible).

Unfortunately, because we have a limited budget, we will not be able to accept all proposals, but there will be more opportunities in the fall semester. If you have any questions about these workshops, please feel free to contact Yoko Ono, SALC Assistant Manager.

Building 8 New SALC Information Session



Click to see the slides

Thanks to everyone who came to our information session to find out more about what the new SALC will look like. Students were excited to see plans and pictures of the new facilities and they shared some great ideas in the discussion session.

To see the slides – with annotated notes representing students opinions shared during the session – please click the picture.



Presentation at the JALT CALL conference, Tokyo

Elizabeth Lammons, Jo Mynard and Kie Yamamoto presented a paper at the JALT CALL conference at Tamagawa University in Tokyo as part of the Learner Development SIG Forum. The abstract below and the slides can be accessed here.

Student Voices: Evaluating an App for Promoting Self-directed Language Learning

JALT CALLStudents at the presenters’ institution have had the opportunity to take non-credit, self-directed learning modules offered by the Self-Access Learning Centre (SALC). From April 2015, the students were able to choose either the paper version or a custom-made app version of the module. The research team is engaged in evaluating the app from different perspectives, including collecting learner feedback via questionnaires and interviews. The presenters will demonstrate the ways in which students engaged with the technology. In addition, they will share extracts from the data where students raised benefits and challenges of the technology for their learning experience.

What’s on in the SALC and ELI in June?

Here is the events schedule for the month. Staff and students welcome!

In addition, students who have just signed up to take a module (cohort 2) will be meeting their learning advisors in order to get started). Cohort 2 will be attending workshops that will help them to finalise their learning plans so that they can start implementing their own curriculum with help from their learning advisors.

June schedule

RILS&LE Bag lunch presentation by learning advisors

rilsSALC learning advisors gave a bag lunch talk as part of the Research Institute of Language Studies and Language Education events schedule. The team were awarded funding by the institute for a two year project (2015-2017) and presented results of the study so far. The abstract is below. The slides are available here.


Studying the Impact of SALC Modules and Courses on Learning

Researchers: Jo Mynard, Junko Noguchi, Satoko Watkins, Neil Curry

The SALC at KUIS has been offering optional, self-directed learning modules since 2003 and elective one credit courses on self-directed learning since 2010. These modules and courses provide students with opportunities to individualise their learning to their own personal needs and goals. The modules and courses are also intended to provide a framework for learners to develop self-directed learning skills and autonomous learning habits.

There are two parts to the research. Part 1 is an evaluation of the Effective Language Learning Course where the research methods and main findings will be shared. The results showed that self-directed skills (as indicated by the course learning outcomes) were achieved. However, it was also discovered that the skills to both evaluate language learning and the learning process, and also to select appropriate resources were more difficult for students to develop.

Part 2 is a longitudinal study investigating what role(s) (if any) the SALC modules play in module-takers’ lives and studies. As this part is still in its initial stages, the researchers briefly report on some observations from the first year of study that will track six participants throughout their four years at KUIS.