Conference Presentation in Mexico City

Dr. Jo Mynard presented at the International Conference on Self-Access (Encuentro Internacional de Centros de Autoacceso, EICA ) held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM) from the 4th to the 5th August, 2016. The conference theme was Nuevos escenarios en torno a la autonomía del aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras (new scenarios in autonomy for foreign language learning) and was attended by approximately 280 delegates. Her abstract is pasted below and slides can be accessed here.

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Empowering Students in Self-Access Conference (ESSAC)

There is one more week for students to submit their proposals to present at the student conference organised by the SALC (Saturday October 15th).  We are interested in hearing from students who would like to share aspects of their learning in a self-access centre. Students should submit proposals to give a short oral presentation, a workshop or a poster presentation. It can be individually or in groups. Presentations by Skype are also possible.

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Inside Building 8

Everyone has seen the new building going up on campus, but we finally had the chance to look inside. Here are some photos. The building will open in April 2017 and will house the new SALC, the ELI areas and all the ELI and SALC teachers, learning advisors and staff.

This photo shows the scale

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Presentation at the 55th JACET Conference

Learning advisors Erin Okamoto KUIS) and Atsumi Yamaguchi  (Meijo University) presented the following paper at the 55th JACET conference on September 1-3, 2016 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (

Access the slides here

designing_optimalDesigning an optimal learning environment: From the perspective of self-access learning materials.

In the 21st century, English language learning and teaching has become increasingly dynamic in the era of globalization. Starting with the impact of ‘English as a lingua franca’ (e.g. Jenkins 2007; Jenkins et al. 2011) on English learning and teaching in Japan, the movement has subsequently provoked heated discussion over the ways to equip Japanese learners with skills for the borderless era.  Continue reading