Measuring Learner and Teacher Autonomy: What Tools are There? Guest workshop by Hayo Reinders. October 3rd 2017.

Measuring Learner and Teacher Autonomy: What Tools are There?
Hayo Reinders, Unitec, New Zealand
3 October 1.10 – 2.30, Room 8116

For decades teachers and researchers have attempted to demonstrate the benefits of developing learner (and teacher) autonomy. As a result, a wide range of instruments exist, both from within the field of language education, from general education, from psychology and beyond. But are they useful? In this workshop we will consider the range of tools, their drawbacks and advantages and the ways in which they can be used, as well as for what purposes they are intended. We will use this topic – as all topics in the series – as a stepping stone to introduce/review concepts related to research and methodology in general.

Dr. Hayo Reinders is Professor of Education and Head of Department at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand and also the Director of the Anaheim University Doctor of EducatiHayoReindersColoron (Ed.D.) in TESOL Program. He holds a Ph.D. in Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Auckland. His previous positions include Head of Learner Development at Middlesex University in London, Director of the English Language Self Access Centre at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and associate professor at RELC in Singapore. He has worked with teachers from a large number of countries worldwide and has been visiting professor in Japan, Thailand, Mexico and the Netherlands. Dr. Reinders edits the journal ‘Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching’ as well as a book series on ‘New Language Learning and Teaching Environments’ for Palgrave Macmillan. He is Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and Convenor of the AILA Research Network for CALL and the Learner. Dr. Reinders’ interests are in technology in education, learner autonomy, and out-of-class learning, and he is a speaker on these subjects for the Royal Society of New Zealand. His most recent books are on teacher autonomy, teaching methodologies, and second language acquisition.

You can find out more about Hayo’s research and professional interests on his site:


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