Guest presentation by Masuko Miyahara, ICU. 2 November.

Date: Thursday November 2, 2017
Room: 8116
Time: 12.15 – 1.00 (or until 1.30 to continue the discussion)

Narratives in Language Learning Research: Towards Building a Reflexive Framework

Masuko Miyahara, Ph D. (International Christian University, Tokyo)


Taking a narrative approach in language learning research is nothing new. However, theoretical and methodological issues that emerge in the research process, particularly, ideas and practices relating to analyzing and reporting narrative data are areas that warrant much discussion. Continue reading

Presentation by Christina Gkonou, University of Essex, UK. Nov 15.

Title: Optimizing language learning and emotional wellbeing through emotion-regulation strategies

Date: Wednesday 15th November
Time; 3.00 – 4.30pm
Location: 8116
All welcome


Language learning is an emotionally laden experience due to shifts to learners’ identities and to a number of face-threatening and ego-involving situations that might pertain to language classrooms (Dewaele, 2010; Gkonou, Daubney, & Dewaele, 2017; Gregersen & MacIntyre, 2014; Oxford, 2017). Continue reading

Guest presentation: John Augeri, October 19th

Slideshow Visual Design Principles: Communicating and Presenting in a Visual Way

John Augeri, Paris Île-de-France Digital University

October 19, 12.15 – 1.00, The Stage, KUIS 8


Nowadays, academic and corporate presentations make an intensive use of slideshows. Beside the interest of the topic and quality of the speaker, this media has a huge impact on the presentation’s perception by the attendees. This talk, regularly given in France, USA and Japan, will present some key techniques – regardless of the software to be used – and good practices in the visual design of slideshows, intended to be a perfect support and efficient illustration to the speaker.

About the presenter

John Augeri is co-founder and deputy director of Paris Ile-de-France Digital University.

Currently mainly focused on the Faculty and Student Development, and on the innovative physical Learning Spaces matters, John is member of Educause Learning Space Constituent Group (for which he’s especially involved in the Learning Space Rating System), core member of the FLEXspace Learning Spaces online database, and acts as advisor at the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research on the Learning Spaces topic.

Since October 2016, he has run a research project entitled International comparative study of innovative physical Learning Spaces’ trends, policies, design principles and outcomes on teaching and learning practices, which resulted in him being invited to be a visiting researcher at Kyoto University during one semester in 2017.

During the last 18 months, John has visited more than 80 Learning Spaces and has been invited to give 20 talks and lectures at symposiums related to international learning spaces on 4 continents.