Issue 9(2) of SiSAL Journal published!


Issue 9(2) of SiSAL Journal has been published! This is a special issue containing 12 papers from the Japan Association for Self-Access Learning Conference which was hosted by Kanda University of International Studies in December 2017. The issue was edited by Hisako Yamashita, Clair Taylor and Andrew Tweed and includes the following papers by KUIS / RILAE colleagues:



  • From Theory to Practice: Considerations in Opening a New Self-Access Center by Robert J. Werner and Lucius Von Joo (116-134) [full text][PDF]
  • 日本語スペイン語テレタンデムによる協働学習 Collaborative Learning through Japanese-Spanish Teletandem by シルビア・ゴンサレス (Silvia González) and長尾和子 (Kazuko Nagao) (196-216) [full text][PDF]
  • Disseminating a Learner Voice through Collaborative Reflection by Airi Ota and Kie Yamamoto (234-242) [full text][PDF]

Access the full issue here:


Framing interaction: Guest presentation by Dr. Paul Moore, University of Queensland

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Paul Moore back to the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE). Paul will be offering a lunchtime presentation related to learner interaction in task performance. Paul is also happy to talk to colleagues about teaching and research. Please feel free to sign up for a meeting here. Meetings will take place in KUIS 8, Meeting Room 1 (2nd floor).

Presentation: Framing interaction
Date: Wednesday 27 June, 2018
Room: 8116
Time: 12.15 – 13.00


Recent classroom research has investigated how learners frame task-based interaction, including the cognitive focus of their talk and each other’s involvement in the ongoing activity, and the influence of this interaction on task performance. This presentation reports on a study into peer-interaction leading up to oral presentation tasks in a Japanese university EFL classroom. The study investigated how learners in dyads negotiated the procedural, content-related, performance-related and off-task foci of their talk, and how they negotiated intersubjectivity, task control and pedagogic roles. Data from two focal participants and their partners are presented to demonstrate the dynamic relationship found between dialogic activity-framing and task performance, over time and across interlocutors. Implications for task-based language teaching and research are discussed.


2904Paul Moore lectures in Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland, where he is convenor of the Master’s Dissertation. Paul’s main research interest involves the dynamic influence of learners, tasks and sociocultural context on task-based interaction, performance and development. He is currently revisiting his interest in the role of technology in mediating learning inside and outside the classroom, and has recently edited a special issue of Language Learning & Technology on Qualitative Research in CALL, with Mike Levy.

More details about Paul’s work:

MA TESOL forum for students: Thursday June 28

Thursday June 28, 12.15 – 1pm
Room 8101

This forum is for any KUIS student who might be interested in becoming a language teacher, learning advisor, or language researcher in the future. Teachers and staff are also very welcome to join the discussion.

There will be a short presentation from each of our guest presenters followed by an opportunity to ask questions and extend the discussion. Feel free to bring your lunch to this forum.

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