Visitors from KTH, Sweden, 25-28 June

We are delighted to welcome our research partners from KTH in Stockholm, Sweden will be on campus next week. They will be offering two highly-recommended PD sessions for us in addition to opportunities for us to talk to them about technology and design projects.
Please scroll down for details of the sessions, researchers bios. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use this form. Please note that the workshop and lecture will be held in classroom 8115 (not the usual room 8116).

Presentation: Supporting  and Measuring Self-Regulated Learning through Mobile Learning Analytics (90 min)

13:10 – 14:40, Tuesday 25 June, Room 8115

Self-regulated learning (SRL), which is associated with learning and academic achievement, is a transferable skill that can also guide students’ future paths to study and work. SRL can be taught and learned. Students can self-regulate their learning by keeping track of their own learning process (i.e., monitoring) and use that information to facilitate their learning process and improve their learning outcomes. Still, SRL is difficult for students, as they are not capable of accurately judging their own learning processes. With the increasing use of mobile technologies, offerings of anywhere, anytime communication and data gathering becomes feasible. In this regard, the concept of measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting of data about learners and their learning environments (i.e., learning analytics) is enabled thus, affording opportunities for learners to exercise and develop SRL. This presentation will focus on the potential of mobile learning analytics to support and measure students’ SRL, including SRL- strategies, skills and knowledge.

Workshop: Visualising Self-Regulated Learning Activities

12.10 – 13.00, Thursday 27 June Room 8115

Visualizations play a key role in delivering awareness, self-reflection, and impact to the user. Learning dashboards are known to improve decision-making by visualizing students’ learning processes and helping to track where learning processes evolve as expected and where potential issues may occur. Such dashboards can be aimed at students, teachers, learning advisors, researchers or administrators. Depending on the target group, the intended goals of a learning dashboard will differ. In this workshop, we aim at i) discussing the potential of an innovative mobile learning analytics approach to support and measure students’ self-regulated learning, including SRL- strategies, skills and knowledge, ii) discussing the anticipated goals of learning dashboards from different stakeholders’ points of view, and iii) examining what types of SRL activities would be valuable to visualise. By attending this workshop, participants will be more aware of supporting SRL with mobile learning analytics.


olgaOlga Viberg is Assistant professor in the department of Media Technology and Interaction Design of KTH Royal Institute of Technology and she is part of the research group in Technology Enhanced Learning. Her research includes a focus on the Learning Analytics in higher education, the application of mobile technology for language learning in higher education, the integration of formal and informal learning environments, design for learning and self-regulated learning.

jarmoJarmo Laaksolahti is a researcher and lecturer in the same department where he is involved in teaching Interaction Design. His research interests involve Interaction Design, Internet of Things, as well as automation and how it finds its way into our lives. He is also involved in an initiative that aims to create academic courses for industrial competence development.

bjornBjörn Thuresson is the manager of the Visualisation Studio VIC. The studio is a resource for teaching, research and business liaisons in advanced graphics, interaction and visualisation.



yanwenYanwen Ma is a master student studying Media Management at KTH. Right now, she is doing her master thesis, designing an app for Japanese students to support self-directed learning for second language learning. Her undergraduate (Ningbo University, China) major was advertising, focused on graphic design, video production, and web design.