Visit by Hayo Reinders: Two workshops

Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE) workshops
All KUIS faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend two RILAE workshops offered by Professor Hayo Reinders on 8th and 10th May at lunchtime. The theme is analysing learner language and in particular, metaphor analysis. A similar session was offered last year, but is being offered again by popular demand and is part of a series of workshops related to analysing learner language.

In this session we will think about ways of analysing learner language and look at metaphors and their place in learners’ accounts of their language learning journeys. Metaphors are an integral part of how we express ourselves and a reflection of who we are – and how we see ourselves. Continue reading

Recent Publications by SALC Team Members and RILAE Researchers

Arnott, C., Curry, N., Lyon, P., & Mynard, J. (2019). Measuring the effectiveness of time management training in EFL classes: Phase 1 of a mixed methods study. Relay Journal, 2(1), 86-101.

Bennett, P. A. (2019) The effects of music in the foreign language learning classroom. Relay Journal, 2(1), 6-16.

Brown, J., & Davies, H. (2019). Introduction to the column: Exploring individual differences through case studies. Relay Journal, 2(1), 102-103. Continue reading

Analysing learner language: Metaphor analysis

The Research Institute for Leaner Autonomy Education (RILAE) is delighted to welcome back Professor Hayo Reinders next week. He will be giving the following workshop which is open to everyone. In addition, he is available for consultations about research and study (schedule here).

Session date: Wednesday November 7th
Time: 12.20 to 13.00
Location: 8116 

Outline Continue reading

Framing interaction: Guest presentation by Dr. Paul Moore, University of Queensland

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Paul Moore back to the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE). Paul will be offering a lunchtime presentation related to learner interaction in task performance. Paul is also happy to talk to colleagues about teaching and research. Please feel free to sign up for a meeting here. Meetings will take place in KUIS 8, Meeting Room 1 (2nd floor).

Presentation: Framing interaction
Date: Wednesday 27 June, 2018
Room: 8116
Time: 12.15 – 13.00


Recent classroom research has investigated how learners frame task-based interaction, including the cognitive focus of their talk and each other’s involvement in the ongoing activity, and the influence of this interaction on task performance. This presentation reports on a study into peer-interaction leading up to oral presentation tasks in a Japanese university EFL classroom. The study investigated how learners in dyads negotiated the procedural, content-related, performance-related and off-task foci of their talk, and how they negotiated intersubjectivity, task control and pedagogic roles. Data from two focal participants and their partners are presented to demonstrate the dynamic relationship found between dialogic activity-framing and task performance, over time and across interlocutors. Implications for task-based language teaching and research are discussed.


2904Paul Moore lectures in Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland, where he is convenor of the Master’s Dissertation. Paul’s main research interest involves the dynamic influence of learners, tasks and sociocultural context on task-based interaction, performance and development. He is currently revisiting his interest in the role of technology in mediating learning inside and outside the classroom, and has recently edited a special issue of Language Learning & Technology on Qualitative Research in CALL, with Mike Levy.

More details about Paul’s work:

Online event: Monday 4th June. Affect and learner autonomy

Rilae - The LAb Sessions - Google Docs
You are warmly invited to attend another online event or “LAb session” organised by the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE) on June 4th on the theme of affect and autonomy. You can attend live from any device, but we will also record it so you can listen later.
See the website for presentation abstracts and more details. 
Date: June 4th, 2018
Time: 3.30 pm – 5.30pm (Tokyo time) streamed live and recorded
Theme: Affect and learner autonomy
Location: / Access code 659-181-925
Moderators: Hayo Reinders, Unitec, New Zealand; Jo Mynard, KUIS; Satoko Kato, KUIS, Scott Shelton-Strong, KUIS
Organiser: The Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE), Kanda University of International Studies, Japan.

3.30 Welcome / about RILAE / this LAb session (Hayo / Jo / Satoko)
3.35 Christina Gkonou – Featured workshop: Managing emotions for learner autonomy (introduction by Jo)
3.50 Kevin Knight (pre-recorded) – Bright idea: Motivating SALC learning advisors with inspirational leadership and business consulting models (Introduction by Jo)
3.55 Hisako Yamashita –  Featured presentation: Affect as an “essential resource” in the development of learner autonomy (Introduction by Satoko)
4.10 Sina Takada – Research report: Affect in a study group (peer group) (introduction by Scott)
4.15 Neil Curry and Kate Maher – Innovative practice: CBT-based classroom activities for language anxiety (introduction by Jo)
4.25 Diana Feick – Research report: Emotions and group autonomy (intro by Hayo)
4.35 Dominic Edsall – Research report: A pilot project on teacher negotiation of learner autonomy (introduction by Jo)
4.45 Satoko Kato – Innovative practice: Enhancing professional well-being of teachers and advisors through reflective dialogue  (introduction by Hayo)
4.50 Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel – Book review: Emotions in Second Language Teaching by Juan De Dios Martinez Agudo (Ed.) (introduction by Hayo)
4.55 Tim Murphey – Featured presentation: The emotional impact of adding social testing components to regular tests and quizzes (introduction by Scott)
5.15 Eduardo Castro – Featured presentation: Emotions in advising in language learning (introduction by Satoko)
5.30 Wrap up / thanks (Hayo / Jo / Satoko)

SALC December Bulletin

In our December SALC bulletin, we would like to give you an update on our research activities and also let you know about some of the events and activities coming up in the coming weeks.

RILAE (Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education) summary of activities:

  1. We have welcomed the following guests to KUIS to do invited talks this year:

      • Naoko Aoko, Osaka University
      • Masuko Miyahara, International Christian University, Tokyo
      • Christina Gkonou, University of Essex, UK
      • Hayo Reinders, Unitec, New Zealand
      • John Augeri, Isle de France Digital University, Paris, France
      • Paul Moore, University of Queensland, Australia
      • Ellie Law, University of Hong Kong
      • Adelia Peña Clavel, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
  1. We held a free online event “LAb Session” related to evaluating learner autonomy on Thursday 16th November. Invited international speakers presented in addition to KUIS colleagues.

  1. We started a peer reviewed journal Relay Journal. The (temporary) website is here (there is an open call for papers with a January 10th deadline)

  2. We started a RILAE Facebook group to continue discussions about learner autonomy research (please join!)

  3. We established eight research clusters and are involved in several interesting projects

  4. We have started offering Learning Advisor Education courses. 10 teachers from Turkey came to KUIS for one week in November to participate in 5 days of workshops to successfully complete Course 1. Courses 2, 3 and 4 will be held online. Details of our courses can be found on our (temporary) website

SALC events and learning communities

Please check our website for details of daily events in the SALC. Everyone is welcome! Some highlights:

  • Tuesday lunchtime study buddies

  • Wednesday lunchtime discussion group

  • TED talks

  • Workshops related to culture / study abroad

  • Christmas-themed tea party on 22nd December (4-5pm)

Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL conference)

The SALC is proud to be hosting the upcoming annual JASAL conference on Saturday December 16th. The programme and registration details are available online.

All of the events will be held in KUIS 8, but you need to be registered to participate.

Best wishes on behalf of the SALC team,

Jo Mynard

SALC Director