Visit by Hayo Reinders: Two workshops

Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE) workshops
All KUIS faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend two RILAE workshops offered by Professor Hayo Reinders on 8th and 10th May at lunchtime. The theme is analysing learner language and in particular, metaphor analysis. A similar session was offered last year, but is being offered again by popular demand and is part of a series of workshops related to analysing learner language.

In this session we will think about ways of analysing learner language and look at metaphors and their place in learners’ accounts of their language learning journeys. Metaphors are an integral part of how we express ourselves and a reflection of who we are – and how we see ourselves. Continue reading

Call for paid SALC workshops

This is a call for paid SALC workshops. Teachers and learning advisors interested in offering a  SALC workshop this semester should be submitted via this online proposal form by October 14th (or September 30th if you would like to offer a workshop in October).

We are looking for proposals such as the following:

  • Workshops related to academic skills for self-study (shadowing, dictation, speed-reading, presentation skills, time management..)
  • Workshops related to useful materials for self-study (apps, websites, newspapers, TED, Graded Readers, CNN/BBC, movies, music..)
  • Workshops related to studying abroad (culture, home stay, life in other countries..)
  • Workshops related to business/ internships for beginners (business English, business etiquette, business e-mail..)
  • Workshops related to pronunciation
  • IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC preparation
  • Workshops related to cultures (Halloween, Christmas…)
You can check details of past workshops here.

Analysing L2 interaction in and beyond the classroom (online workshop) August 2, 13:45-14:30

Date: August 2 (sorry for the previous incorrect information)
Time: 13:45-14:30
Aimed at: Teachers / learning advisors
Presenter: Professor Hayo Reinders
Location: Online:


In the third workshop in the ‘analysing learner language’ series we will look at tools for analysing L2 interaction from our own classes/advising sessions and work out 1) a research aim and 2) the most appropriate tools for analysis. If you were unable to attend either or both of the previous workshops, don’t worry. You may want to read this introductory chapter. For all, please read this chapter.  You may bring some data of your own, or we will provide data during the session. If you would like to use your own, bring a transcription of 5-10 minutes of either classroom or advising (or self-access activity) interaction, either student-student or student-teacher.

Bonus: Publication and presentation opportunities

MA TESOL forum for students: Thursday June 28

Thursday June 28, 12.15 – 1pm
Room 8101

This forum is for any KUIS student who might be interested in becoming a language teacher, learning advisor, or language researcher in the future. Teachers and staff are also very welcome to join the discussion.

There will be a short presentation from each of our guest presenters followed by an opportunity to ask questions and extend the discussion. Feel free to bring your lunch to this forum.

Presenters: Continue reading

Workshops by visitors from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, June 4-8

We are delighted to be able to host colleagues from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden who are experts in learning design technologies. Our two institutions are planning to collaborate on research related to developing technology for self-directed learning, so we will be setting the groundwork during their visit. While they are here, do take advantage of some of the following opportunities:

  1. Workshop: Design thinking (scroll down for the abstract)

How might we re-imagine the learning ecosystem for today’s self-directed learner?
Open to teachers, LAs, staff and students
Date: Tuesday 5th June
Time: 2.50 to 4.20
Place: The Workshop (KUIS 8)

  1. Workshop: Design Fictions (scroll down for the abstract)

Follow up workshop open to all (participants do not have to be the same)
Date: Wednesday 6th June
Time: 12.15 to 1pm (with an opportunity for an extended discussion for those not rushing off to class)
Place: (8-116)

  1. Consultation meetings

The team would be very happy to meet with staff and students to discuss design and research matters. Please sign up here. The meeting will take place in Meeting Room 1 in KUIS 8 (staff area),

Workshop abstracts Continue reading

Measuring Learner and Teacher Autonomy: What Tools are There? Guest workshop by Hayo Reinders. October 3rd 2017.

Measuring Learner and Teacher Autonomy: What Tools are There?
Hayo Reinders, Unitec, New Zealand
3 October 1.10 – 2.30, Room 8116

For decades teachers and researchers have attempted to demonstrate the benefits of developing learner (and teacher) autonomy. As a result, a wide range of instruments exist, both from within the field of language education, from general education, from psychology and beyond. But are they useful? In this workshop we will consider the range of tools, their drawbacks and advantages and the ways in which they can be used, as well as for what purposes they are intended. We will use this topic – as all topics in the series – as a stepping stone to introduce/review concepts related to research and methodology in general.

Dr. Hayo Reinders is Professor of Education and Head of Department at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand and also the Director of the Anaheim University Doctor of EducatiHayoReindersColoron (Ed.D.) in TESOL Program. He holds a Ph.D. in Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Auckland. His previous positions include Head of Learner Development at Middlesex University in London, Director of the English Language Self Access Centre at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and associate professor at RELC in Singapore. He has worked with teachers from a large number of countries worldwide and has been visiting professor in Japan, Thailand, Mexico and the Netherlands. Dr. Reinders edits the journal ‘Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching’ as well as a book series on ‘New Language Learning and Teaching Environments’ for Palgrave Macmillan. He is Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and Convenor of the AILA Research Network for CALL and the Learner. Dr. Reinders’ interests are in technology in education, learner autonomy, and out-of-class learning, and he is a speaker on these subjects for the Royal Society of New Zealand. His most recent books are on teacher autonomy, teaching methodologies, and second language acquisition.

You can find out more about Hayo’s research and professional interests on his site: